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So versatile, it's hard to call it just a tiller.

More like multi-functional powered garden tool. With so many options and attachments to choose from, Honda Compact tiller can manage and prepare any type of working plot or flower bed, even your lawn.

Powerful and versatile, Honda compact tillers are light enough to be highly manoeuvrable, but heavy-duty enough to cut out crucial time and effort on harder gardening tasks. Thanks to a powerful Honda 160cc engine and a manual gearbox, you can optimise both speed and power for comfort of use and for desired results.

The quality of finish will be the first thing to strike you. But it really starts with the engine, a strong gearbox and robust clutch that directs the power to where it actually matters… deep into the soil.

Simply select your speed and away you go. All Honda Compact tillers are built with a transmission that provides good, strong drive that’s independent of tine speed. This means you can regulate the forward motion with the cultivating performance to get a perfect result every time.

The perfect year-round, multi-purpose garden tool.

On certain Compact tillers you can use a plough attachment for heavy allotment work or preparing large plots of land for growing vegetables. Other optional attachments feature a ridger tool for creating neat rows between plants and vegetables, and a potato lifter that gently lifts out potatoes without making chips of them too early.

The versatile digging tool

There are up to six different tine and rotor options on selected Compact tillers for you to use. The type of soil you're working in will influence your choice, but you can be certain we'll have the right one for the job.

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