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FG110 De-Thatcher (06729-V25-023HE)

While staring out of your kitchen window your lawn might seem pretty sedate, but just below the surface there is plenty going on. One way in which grass propagates is by producing side shoots or runners, so your lawn is secretly busy growing and spreading all of the time. And as new shoots grow old ones die and create a thatch layer just below the surface of your lawn, which when combined with moss growth can prevent vital sun, rain and air from reaching the grass roots of your lawn.

To prevent this from happening, however, you need simply remove this layer of thatch and moss from your lawn occasionally, a task made much simpler by this handy de-thatcher attachment for Honda's FG110 micro-tiller. Easy to attach and equipped with two supportive wheels, the de-thatcher attachment uses rows of finely spaced teeth to gently but firmly lift moss, thatch and dead vegetation from your lawn so that it can get the air, water and light that it needs to grow strong and healthy. This is therefore a vital accessory for any home gardener who takes serious pride in their lawn.



• De-thatcher attachment gently but firmly removes dead grass, leaves and moss from the surface of your lawn to help ensure healthy growth

• Fitted with two smooth running support wheels and a rotary cylinder with rows of finely spaced teeth which lift moss and thatch from your lawn as you advance with your tiller

• Easy to attach, built to last and suitable for use with Honda's FG110 micro-tiller on smaller domestic lawns

De-thatcher available for non K1 models also. Please call 01379 853495 for a quote.

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