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FG110 Lawn Care Kit | Aerator, Border Edger & De-Thatcher (06724-V25-013)

You probably didn't purchase one of Honda's handy little FG110 micro-tillers with lawn care in mind (unless your plan was to till ground before planting a whole new lawn), but with added functionality provided by the accessories in this lawn care kit your FG110 will be completely equipped to take on a variety of lawn maintenance jobs in the garden. Furthermore, by buying these accessories as a set you can also save a pretty penny, so you can keep your garden looking great without having to worry about the expense!

The lawn care kit contains three handy tools designed to make maintaining lawns in smaller gardens a doddle, including an aerator, a border edger and a de-thatcher. The aerator and de-thatcher attachments each work by making sure that your lawn is able to access the moisture, air and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. The aerator does this by using its four ten-spiked rotary cutting discs to cut small slits in your lawn which counter the effects of soil compaction. The de-thatcher, meanwhile, features two smooth running support wheels and uses a rotary cylinder fitted with rows of finely spaced teeth to lift moss, dead vegetation and thatch from your lawn. Like with the aerator, this means that air and water can penetrate to the grass roots more easily and thus promotes healthy growth.

The border edger is slightly different but no less essential to maintaining a tidy lawn. Using its supportive guide wheel for stability and precision, the border edger's ten-toothed cutting disc slices into turf alongside flowerbeds, paths and driveways to neaten overgrown borders and edges. An additional use of this tool is to cut out sections of turf for removal or rearrangement, so it is also handy to have around should you take on heavier redesign work in the garden. What's more each of these accessories has been made with Honda's usual eye for quality and convenience, so all are easy to install, operate and maintain. This handy lawn care kit, then, is an essential purchase for any dedicated home gardener looking to make the most of their FG110 micro-tiller.



• Kit contains aerator, border edger and de-thatcher attachments to provide magnificent versatility and convenience in the care and management of your lawn

• Aerator attachment encourages healthy lawn growth by cutting into the surface of your lawn so that moisture and oxygen can reach the grass roots

• Border edger features a smooth running guide wheel and a ten-toothed disc which cuts into turf so that you can tidy lawn borders alongside flowerbeds, paths and driveways

• De-thatcher attachment gently but firmly removes dead grass, leaves and moss from the surface of your lawn to help ensure healthy growth

• All accessories are easy to install and compatible with Honda's compact FG110 micro-tiller for use on smaller domestic lawns

Help maintain a top notch lawn with the Honda Lawncare Kit for the FG110K1.

The lawn care kit includes, aerator, border edger and de-thatcher.

Please note: This kit does not include the tiller. Kit available for non K1 models also. Please call 01379 853495 for a quote.

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